Sunday, 26 February 2012

Temporary break

I honestly knew this post would come and rejected the thought but here it is...

Since now I have to focus more on the university and the thesis (not to mention job) I have taken a break from the project for the moment in order to tie some loose ends.

The good part is that I might be using this project in my thesis presentation so will probably have to get back to work on it in the following weeks.

Bottom line: I do not know when i will post a new update (maybe a few weeks from now or maybe next week...). Plese use the RSS feeds if you want to keep up with the project updates and I wanted to remind everyone that before I started the devblog the project was already an year old. As long as distractions are out I plan on sticking to it.

Also as a reminder, the source and content is available for download.

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